Does anyone else remember that gif with the phone in the microwave and then Voldemort’s soul rose up from it before it melted down



There was a demon in that phone and it was killed in the microwave and no one can convince me otherwise

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Light’s dialogue in Death Note is SO much better if you imagine it as an OKCupid profile.



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Is there a fic where Levi is a knight/dragon slayer and Eren is a dragon?

because a) dragons
b) isn’t that enough?
c) but imagine if Levi was always poor and then Eren shares his hoard with him, and then they protect the kingdom together.

and then after months Levi discovers that Eren can turn into a human and is like WHY DID YOU NOT DO THIS BEFORE. Eren doesn’t tell him that for a dragon to turn into a human is considered humiliating… but he’s doing it for Levi so he’s okay.

Like, when Levi first shows up he expects Eren to be like all the other dragons, all evil and hissy and stuff, only Eren is more curious and playful and intrigued by Levi being not scared and kind of done with it all (he’s been chasing dragons for most of his life…). And maybe it’s cold and snowy and when Eren says, well why not put the big battle off for tomorrow? Look, dinner. Levi’s like, oh whatever. And the next day. And the next day…



This is a raven-haired boy:


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that erwin and levi convo

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Anonymous said: I agree with your levi characterization problem. I only watched the show recently and have only read ACWNR and part of the main manga but almost all the eruri fics I've read go completely against how Levi is portrayed everywhere else. It's pretty strange. Erwin is almost always the same character but Levi ....

I’m glad to know it’s not just me!

I think that in every fandom, you reach a point where fanon starts overshadowing stuff, and that’s okay - but I had kind of wondered if it was just me seeing it, you know?

And it’s amazing how Levi really is drastically different in different fics. I mean you could excuse it by saying that often, eruri fics have a younger Levi, but still….

i think it’s because of appeal? as you said eruri fans are big on the trust b/w erwin and levi, but that’s emphasized more so on levi’s part because he’s portrayed as an aloof character? and there are particular tropes for each pairing too

Yeah, but part of the appeal of Levi as a character for me personally is some of that aloofness and self-control. I mean couldn’t you play it including those aspects of him? Like say, for somebody like Levi who’s been raised to trust nobody but himself and taught to do horrible things, for him to trust Erwin is a huge deal. He doesn’t have to be weepy for that to work.

Then again, I dislike emotionally unbalanced relationships, so I want the trust to be reciprocal… if Erwin is emotionally distant then it just makes me sad for Levi, because I think he is actually drawn to people who are more emotionally outgoing, because he himself is so stunted.

I mean the people he’s been friendly towards in canon - Hange, Petra, Isabel, for example - are all a bit fiery. So I feel like Erwin really needs to be there for Levi, you know?

I’m sorry I actually have a lot of thoughts about them but not so many people to share them with XD

I mean I personally think that what Levi “sees in Erwin”, as in “what he’s lacking” is conviction. Levi doesn’t seem to really believe he’s doing the ‘right thing’, or even be capable of making a judgement call on what the ‘right thing’ actually is. He just does. I think that for him, having Erwin who is very clearly convinced that he’s right and Levi can rationalize that it’s good, would be very comforting for him.

Oh no, there are always warnings for dubcon/noncon, i think it’s absolutely important that we try and keep those spaces safe as possible. i mean someone once messaged us saying that we ought to take moral responsibility for the content translated

Ah wow ok that’s just weird :X I mean if you guys chose to not translate a doujin because of personal feelings I wouldn’t judge, it’s your prerogative. And I do think that mods of a community can take a stance if they want to. But I don’t think you have any responsibility for the content, I mean we’re all (supposedly) adults here and you’re allowed to translate whatever you want.

speaking about someone who has done translations…i know what you mean >.>;;; my group has actually gotten messages asking for us to take culpability for this before

:X tbh, it would be nice. I mean not that I’m blaming the scanlation groups for anything, and I don’t have any triggers, but it was an unpleasant run one after another. Either warnings, or maybe just a few words on content would be nice… then again, I don’t complain because the scanlation circles do a lot of work, which I totally appreciate.

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wow, obviously you don’t know enough about eruri than.

wow aren’t you a gem.

how about putting your money where your mouth is instead of just getting offended? Prove me wrong! I fucking like eruri please prove me wrong! Link me all these amazing fics that I’m missing!

also *then. ftfy.

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