The longer you look at this, the more it feels like they’re mocking you…..


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The Raven


I’ve just read one too many fanfics in which Levi is constantly referred to as ‘the raven’. With apologies to Poe. (I’m not even trying it with “Scouting Legion”!)

The Raven
(Or No Regrets)

In my office I was working, for there is no time for shirking
When one has to find more funding to support the Survey Corps.
But I found my strength was lacking; I was very close to napping,
When at once I heard a rapping – someone tapping at my door.
“’Tis some soldier,” then I muttered, “tapping at my office door –
Only this, and nothing more.

I, it seemed, was not mistaken in the view that I had taken
When I had surmised some soldier tapping at my office door.
Wide I flung the door, most curious, hoping for some cheer vicarious:
Ah – my good friend Mike Zacharius, standing more than six foot four!
He was then our strongest soldier, standing there at six foot four –
Six foot four or – even more!

“Mike!” I cried out, “Enter quickly!” (Such excitement made me prickly.)
“Hast thou – hast thou news to tell me of our converse of before?
Hast thou found that rumoured raven – tracked him to his hidden haven?
To his umbral hellish haven, deep beneath the city’s floor?
Tell me yarely, I implore thee! Come within, and tell me more –
Only, first, please shut the door.”

When his tale Mike had imparted, with my squad we soon departed,
Making for the hidden city under noble Sina’s floor,
Where the most notorious raven – villainous, but sure no craven –
Dwelt in twilight in a cavern with his gang of many more,
Where we hoped to apprehend him, with his gang of many more.
Thus, I aimed to win the war!

Under Sina we descended, hoping, when our quest was ended
We would bring the reckless raven and his gang into the corps.
In this underworld so lawless, would we find a soldier flawless?
One who lived a life so careless, underneath the city’s floor?
One whom whispers called The Raven, flying ‘neath the city’s floor?
Would he join the Survey Corps?

Though my life was sworn to duty, I could not deny the beauty
Of the raven we pursued, precise in every swoop and soar!
Never had I seen a soldier use the gear with courage bolder -
Then I knew I had to hold the raven for the Survey Corps.
’Twas but duty that impelled me – duty to the Survey Corps.
Only this – and nothing more.

It was duty, duty, surely – not some whisper of Eruri –
Drifting, windblown to my ears from off some far fanfiction shore?
Though his eyes were fierce and stormy as he knelt in filth before me,
And I knew the hate me bore me might endure for evermore –
Still, I knew the light of freedom lit his soul for evermore.
“Prison, death, or Survey Corps?”

Did he think that I deceived him with my promised Wings of Freedom
When he fixed his eyes upon the emblem that our soldiers bore?
Though the choice was but a token, yet the freedom I had spoken
Spoke to something still unbroken in the raven on the floor –
And I loved the thing unbroken in the raven on the floor.
Quoth the raven, “Survey Corps.”

do you wanna have a revolution?

For those of you who have known me for a while, I’d had plans to write a canon-divergence AU where the Scouting Legion mutinies, and I was just waiting to see what direction the plot was going in order to do a proper job of it.

Well joke’s on me, it’s canon! So I guess there’s not much point in writing that fic, but I still wanted to share some of the thoughts I had on the whys and hows of a rebellion, and opinions on the way that the characters are going about it.

One of the things that really stood out to me in recent chapters was when Armin came up with his “edgy” idea of how to popularize the SL and their goals by framing the government for something and it was treated like this was some crazy awful out-there idea. I just rolled my eyes, tbh, because hello rebellion 101. The populace in this series is repeatedly treated as pawns, as unthinking hordes with not an original thought in their heads – and while I agree that inciting people to rebellion is difficult, how are there not more revolutionary factions? Really, all the citizens who are inside Wall Sina – all the ones who used to be safe because Wall Maria was so far away but now suddenly the titans have come close – they should be ripe for a nice rebellion.

The thing is, it should have been eminently clear for ages that the government is crazy corrupt. So if the SL is getting a rebellion going, why only start now? The whole thing feels slapdash and last minute, when I’m not sure why it would be like that. They should have gotten this running years ago, and here are a few cool things they could do*:

(*for the sake of these plans I am assuming for the moment that Levi’s not a traitor, and loyal to Erwin)

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i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)

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Anonymous asked: Is it just me, or does With Great Power hint at way more ereri than eruri?


okay tl;dr incoming XD

For one, I’m really not hinting at any pairing, because it’s gen and will stay gen, and reading this fic as ‘ereri vs eruri’ is kind of making the fundamental assumption that it’s leading to only one of them - which isn’t true, and that’s not what this fic is about. But if you want to talk about the relationship dynamics, you’re right that there are distinct differences between how the Erwin+Levi and the Eren+Levi is portrayed, and here are some of my thoughts on the topic and why I made those calls:

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calling all Ereri fans!

So I am completely sick and tired of the spammers on the ereri tags, because I just want to be able to enjoy ereri in peace - which I’m sure a lot of you can sympathize with.

In order to do this momoicchi27 and I created a blog: humanitys-otp-roundup that will be dedicated to manually reblogging all the ereri stuff and just filtering out the spammers, hopefully to provide a nice, happy platform where we can all get our ship on.

But we can’t do it alone! To make the blog really work, we need more mods, people willing to help by joining the reblogging schedule, and that’s where you come in! If you want to help out, please feel free to message me, momoicchi27, or the humanitys-otp-roundup blog and let us know :)

Ideally we’ll have people covering every day of the week, and it’ll be a space that the spammers simply can’t get into.

But in order to make it work we need your help! Volunteer! And if not - signal boost so other shippers can know about the blog and maybe they’ll be able to help =)


שועל מה הוא אומר


שועל מה הוא אומר

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"I’m going to war… But I have to bring my whole damn wardrobe with me." -Levi


Have you noticed that Levi lately changes frequently clothes? (of course because he is a clean freak but i took it to a whole new level)







He is such a DIVA!!!



Headcanon that almost none of those clothes are actually his and Levi shamelessly “borrows” clothes from the clean laundry pile whenever the fancy takes him

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So after a bunch of talk about stats and seeing some amazing art featuring As Buff As He’s Supposed To Be!Levi, I wanted to try and manip some manga scans to see what he’d look like if he were drawn reflecting his stats. 

I used scans from recent chapters, since the art has improved over time, and for reference I used Chen Yibing, Olympic gymnast, who is 160cm and 58kg, which is admittedly less than Levi, but gave me a starting point. Perhaps I could have buffed him up a little more, but I wanted to take into account that the type of musculature that the 3DMG builds is more of the wiry sort and not like what you’d see bodybuilders have (more for show than function). I think it still gives some idea of what he should look like ^^

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Current fandoms include: Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, and Final Fantasy VII. I also cosplay occasionally.

... does Levi count as a fandom?

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